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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Name Level D&D Alumni 02/06/09 372 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Druid & Bard D&D Alumni 03/20/09 373 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Dave Arneson D&D Alumni 04/24/09 374 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Demogorgon D&D Alumni 05/22/09 375 Bart Carroll & Steve Winter
Minis in the Game D&D Alumni 06/26/09 376 Steve Winter
The Cleric D&D Alumni 07/31/09 377 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Magic Items D&D Alumni 08/21/09 378 Steve Winter
Artifacts D&D Alumni 09/25/09 379 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Summoning D&D Alumni 10/23/09 380 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Metallic Dragons D&D Alumni 11/20/09 381 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Your Chance for an Artifact D&D Alumni 12/11/09 382 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
The Underdark D&D Alumni 01/28/10 383 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Blackrazor Revealed D&D Alumni 02/18/10 384
Alumni: Deck of Many Things D&D Alumni 04/22/10 386 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Psionics D&D Alumni 04/08/10 386 Rob Heiret
Alumni: MM2/Fiend Folio D&D Alumni 05/25/10 387 Bart Carroll
Monster Manual D&D Alumni 05/11/10 387 Bart Carroll and Steve Winter
Alumni: Orcus D&D Alumni 06/29/10 388 Bart Carroll
Alumni: Save or Die! D&D Alumni 07/29/10 389 Bart Carroll
Alumni: Dark Sun D&D Alumni 08/26/10 390 Bart Carroll
Alumni: Lords of Madness D&D Alumni 09/27/10 391 Bart Carroll
Alumni: Unearthed Arcana D&D Alumni 09/22/10 391 Bart Carroll
Against the Cult of the Reptile God D&D Alumni 10/27/10 392 Bart Carroll
Alumni: Gamma World D&D Alumni 10/20/10 392 Bart Carroll
Modrons' March D&D Alumni 01/26/11 395 Bart Carroll
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