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Title Category Date Issue # Author
A Different Way to Slice the Pie Legends & Lore 11/22/11 Monte Cook
A Dark and Stormy Knight Forging The Realms 10/05/12 Ed Greenwood
A Change in Format Legends & Lore 02/04/13 Mike Mearls
A Busy Month at the Office Ampersand 08/08/08 366 Bill Slavicsek
A Brief History of Warduke D&D Alumni 04/14/06
A Brief History of Dragons (& Dungeons) D&D Alumni 12/20/13 Shannon Appelcline
A Brief History of Dice D&D Alumni 03/02/07 Steve Winter
A Bit More on the Basic Rules for D&D Legends & Lore 06/30/14 Mike Mearls
A Bit More on Feats Legends & Lore 07/15/13 Mike Mearls
400 Dragons Ampersand 06/13/11 400 Bill Slavicsek
3DNPC The Dungeon Master Experience 10/20/11 Chris Perkins
3DA Emperor's Gambit Design & Development 05/26/10 387 Rob Heinsoo
3.5 Edition Excerpts: The Beholder Excerpts 09/06/12
3.5 Edition Excerpts: Artifacts Excerpts 09/11/12
3.5 Edition Excerpts: Adventuring Gear Excerpts 09/13/12
2nd Edition Excerpts: PHB Excerpts 04/23/13
2nd Edition Excerpts: DMG Excerpts 04/25/13
25 Hours of Dungeons & Dragons! Features 11/01/13
2010: Outlook Good Confessions... 01/27/10 383 Shelly Mazzanoble
2010: Outlook Good Confessions... 01/27/09 383 Shelly Mazzanoble
1st Edition PH Excerpts: Traps and Tricks Excerpts 06/26/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition PH Excerpts: Bard Excerpts 06/12/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition MM Excerpts: Classic Monsters Excerpts 06/21/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Item Manufacture Excerpts 06/19/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Economics Excerpts 06/05/12 Bart Carroll
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