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Title Category Date Issue # Author
What More Can I Say? Dungeoncraft 09/27/10 182 James Wyatt
Alumni: Lords of Madness D&D Alumni 09/27/10 391 Bart Carroll
Exploring Gamma Terra Excerpts 09/27/10
Summer Shows and Gamma World RPGA Report 09/27/10 391 Chris Tulach
Apocalypse Now! Confessions... 09/28/10 391 Shelly Mazzanoble
Brom Interview Spotlight Interviews 09/28/10 Bart Carroll
Dungeon 182 Subscriber Only Content Map Galleries 09/29/10 182
Dungeon 182 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 09/29/10 182
Dragon 391 Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 09/30/10
Monster: Porker Excerpts 10/01/10
October Adventure Hooks Features 10/01/10 183
What Do You Want from Me? Editorial 10/04/10 392 Steve Winter
October and Beyond Previews 10/04/10 Bart Carroll
Winning Races: Halflings Subscriber Only Content Character Concepts 10/04/10 392 Derek Guder
Monster: Eradicator Mk3 Excerpts 10/04/10
PAX Celebrity Game News 10/05/10
Illumian Echoes Subscriber Only Content Bazaar of the Bizarre 10/05/10 392 Robert J. Schwalb
The Circle of Fangs Revisited Subscriber Only Content Eye on the Realms 10/06/10 183 Ed Greenwood
Got Adventure? Editorial 10/06/10 183 Steve Winter
Exploring Gauntlgrym Subscriber Only Content Features 10/07/10 183 Bruce R. Cordell
Steading of the Iron King Excerpts 10/08/10
Class Acts: Wardens Subscriber Only Content Class Acts 10/08/10 392 Robert J. Schwalb
Crisp Fall Days and Scary Autumn Nights Ampersand 10/08/10 391 Bill Slavicsek
Winning Races: Elves Subscriber Only Content Character Concepts 10/11/10 392 Matt Sernett
D&D World Excerpts 10/11/10
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