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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Unearthed Arcana: Thief-Acrobat Excerpts 02/12/13
Unearthed Arcana: Cavalier Excerpts 02/07/13
Unearthed Arcana: Barbarian Excerpts 02/05/13
Excerpts: The Art Excerpts 10/09/12
Excerpts: Gods and Followers Excerpts 10/04/12
Excerpts: Money Matters Excerpts 10/02/12
Excerpts: Hearth and Home Excerpts 09/27/12
Excerpts: Laws and Orders Excerpts 09/25/12
Excerpts: Life in the Realms Excerpts 09/20/12
Excerpts: Introduction Excerpts 09/18/12
Dungeon Tiles Excerpts 09/17/12 Bart Carroll
3.5 Edition Excerpts: Adventuring Gear Excerpts 09/13/12
3.5 Edition Excerpts: Artifacts Excerpts 09/11/12
3.5 Edition Excerpts: The Beholder Excerpts 09/06/12
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: Be A Drow Excerpts 08/02/12 Bart Carroll
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: The Northdark Excerpts 07/31/12 Bart Carroll
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: City of Spiders Excerpts 07/26/12 Bart Carroll
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: Drow Factions Excerpts 07/24/12 Bart Carroll
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: The Way of Lolth Excerpts 07/19/12 Bart Carroll
Menzoberranzan Excerpts: Campaign of Intrigue Excerpts 07/17/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Dungeon Generation Excerpts 06/28/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition PH Excerpts: Traps and Tricks Excerpts 06/26/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition MM Excerpts: Classic Monsters Excerpts 06/21/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Item Manufacture Excerpts 06/19/12 Bart Carroll
1st Edition DMG Excerpts: Adventures Excerpts 06/14/12 Bart Carroll
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