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Title Category Date Issue # Author
A Bit More on Feats Legends & Lore 07/15/13 Mike Mearls
A Change in Format Legends & Lore 02/04/13 Mike Mearls
A Different Way to Slice the Pie Legends & Lore 11/22/11 Monte Cook
A Few Rules Updates Legends & Lore 01/27/14 Mike Mearls
A Matter of Priorities Legends & Lore 11/18/13 Mike Mearls
A Menagerie of Topics Legends & Lore 04/02/12 Mike Mearls
A Walk Down Monster Lane Legends & Lore 04/16/12 Greg Bilsland
An Introduction Legends & Lore 02/15/11 Mike Mearls
Balance of Power Legends & Lore 04/05/11 Mike Mearls
Balancing Wizards in D&D Legends & Lore 05/14/12 Mike Mearls
Bounded Accuracy Legends & Lore 06/04/12 Rodney Thompson
Campaigns in D&D Next Legends & Lore 01/20/14 Mike Mearls
Can You Feel It? Legends & Lore 12/16/13 Mike Mearls
Chaotic Magical Legends & Lore 12/10/12 Mike Mearls
Charting the Course for D&D Legends & Lore 01/09/12 Mike Mearls
Class Design Legends & Lore 10/22/12 Mike Mearls
Class Design Concepts Legends & Lore 12/03/12 Mike Mearls
Class Design Concepts Legends & Lore 11/26/12 Mike Mearls
Class Groups Legends & Lore 09/30/13 Mike Mearls
Classes and Subclasses Legends & Lore 09/02/13 Mike Mearls
Cleric Design Goals Legends & Lore 04/23/12 Mike Mearls
Combat and Other Forms of Violence Legends & Lore 05/31/11 Mike Mearls
Customized Complexity Legends & Lore 11/08/11 Monte Cook
D&D Next Design Considerations Legends & Lore 04/09/12 Mike Mearls
D&D Next Goals, Part Four Legends & Lore 01/28/13 Mike Mearls
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