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Title Category Date Issue # Author
Halloween Trivia D&D Alumni 10/30/13 Bart Carroll
Ham Acting Across a Table Forging The Realms 09/14/12 Ed Greenwood
Hammerfast Subscriber Only Content Art Galleries 04/07/10
Hammerfast Subscriber Only Content Map Galleries 04/07/10
Happy Birthday Dragon! Editorial 06/01/11 400 Steve Winter
Happy Birthday, Gary News 07/27/12
Happy Holidays 2013 Cartoons 12/24/13 Jason Thompson
Harbinger Mini Galleries 11/16/03
Haruuc's Tomb: A Novel Adventure Adventures 03/09/10 Craig A. Campbell
Haven of the Bitter Glass Subscriber Only Content Adventure Path 03/20/09 164 Kevin Kulp
Hazards of Dark Sun Campaign Classics 06/30/08 364 Gary Astleford
Head in the Clouds Subscriber Only Content Adventures 11/09/10 184 Matt Sernett
Head of the Class Legends & Lore 07/12/11 Mike Mearls
Head of the Class Confessions... 03/22/11 397 Shelly Mazzanoble
Heart of the Forbidden Forge Subscriber Only Content Adventures 06/10/09 167 Luke Johnson
Heart of the Scar Adventures 12/29/11 197 Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
Heathen Adventures 06/13/08 155 Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Heikki Holmas on D&D News 03/28/12
Heir of Shadowbane Fiction 09/04/12 415 Erik Scott de Bie
Heirs of Gith Wandering Monsters 04/23/13 James Wyatt
Heirs of Prophecy Subscriber Only Content Features 06/07/10 388 James Wyatt
Hellenic Half-Humans Wandering Monsters 02/05/13 James Wyatt
Hellenic Horrors Wandering Monsters 01/29/13 James Wyatt
Henchmen and Hirelings Subscriber Only Content Features 03/29/11 397 Robert J. Schwalb
Her Majesty's Secret Servants Subscriber Only Content Features 12/05/08 370 Robert J. Schwalb
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