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In the Player's Strategy Guide, you’ll find tips, tactics, anecdotes, and explanations, all designed to help make your games better. This book helps you optimize your characters, provides tips for managing character resources, advises you on solving age-old gaming challenges, and assists you in creating and managing effective adventuring parties. You’ll also find ideas for how to create cohesive parties, how to enhance the capabilities of allies (buffing) and how to hinder the effectiveness of enemies (debuffing), and how to adapt your party’s strategies to take advantage of the strengths of different combinations of characters.

A special thanks goes to Jon Schindehette, senior art director for this project, plus artists Kalman Andrasofszky, Steven (Stan!) Brown, John Tyler Christopher, Michael Faille, Empty Room Studios/Peter Lazarski, Victoria Maderna, Patrick Thomas Parnell, Adam Phillips, Drew Pocza, and Mike Krahulik.

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