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Pedal to the Metal!
Craig Campbell and Ray Franklin

Here’s the scenario.

Bob is creating a character for the D&D Gamma World game. First, he rolls up two origins. Radioactive Felinoid. Awesome! Then he assigns ability scores and determines his trained skills. Good stuff there! Then he rolls starting gear.

A pickup truck.

“That’s cool,” he says. “But what can I do with it?”

Bob’s Game Master says, “Well, you can drive it . . . if you can find fuel.”

Bob responds, “That’s great, but can it plow through a roadblock? How do I drive and shoot at the same time? How many people can it hold? What happens if I crash it? Can I make it into a Road Warrior-style death machine?”

The following bonus material looks to answer these questions, providing an optional set of rules for vehicles in D&D Gamma World. Here are vehicle stat blocks, augmentations, stunts (and catastrophes)—and how to run a speeding firefight.

(393 Kbs PDF)

About the Authors

Craig Campbell was suckered into playing D&D in 1990 when some of his college friends told him he needed to get out less. In the time since, he’s devoured many sourcebooks, transforming himself into a zombielike creature that constantly seeks to tell amazing stories and eat the brains of his players. Hailing from northeastern Wisconsin (go Packers!), he currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his all-consuming love of bad movies.

Ray Franklin began gaming a long time ago right here in this very galaxy. Through the encouragement of his friends and family, he has been recently persuaded to share his wild imaginings with the rest of the gaming community. He is currently playing a radioactive cockroach in his co-author’s D&D Gamma World game, while gearing up for season two of his own Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

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