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Dungeon Command Preview 2
Peter Lee

D&D Game Day takes place later this summer, on July 21. This year, the event celebrates Dungeon Command. Designed for two or more players, this head-to-head skirmish game will have strategists assembling war bands, taking to the battlefield of their choice, and attempting to crush the enemy!

In these preview articles, Peter Lee—one of the designers behind this latest tactical miniatures game for Dungeons & Dragons—takes us through the workings of the game.

We introduced Dungeon Command in last week’s article, so check it out if you missed it. And of course, you can always download the rulebook for a complete look at the game.

(14 Mbs PDF)

Today we’ll take a look at the Creature cards.

Creature Cards

Each player in Dungeon Command brings two decks of cards to the table, a Creature deck and an Order deck. Each creature in the game has both a card and a miniature. Let’s start by taking a closer look at one of the Creature cards.

This is the War Wizard, one of the creatures in the Heart of Cormyr pack. The upper left corner features the creature’s level and ability score (or scores). The War Wizard is level 4, and as a wizard, Intelligence is naturally his strongest ability. Right below the ability scores are the attacks. The War Wizard has both a ranged and a melee attack. The first number is the ranged attack (next to the bow symbol). He deals 30 points of damage with a ranged attack, and can hit a target 10 squares away. He’s not nearly as strong in melee, dealing only 10 damage.

Below the art is a space for the creature’s special ability. The War Wizard’s ability involves his deployment. Most creatures deploy in your starting area, but the War Wizard may instead be deployed in any magic circle, illustrating his ability to teleport into a fight. Coupled with his strong ranged attack, he can be a real threat! Fortunately for the other creatures, his hit points are relatively low at only 60. By comparison, most level 4 creatures have between 80 and 100 hit points.

At the bottom of the card, you’ll find the creature’s speed and an image of the miniature to make it easy to identify.

As a bonus, Dungeon Command includes cards for using these miniatures in D&D Adventure System games: Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and Legend of Drizzt. Each set contains 12 cards for use in these games. The Sting of Lolth pack includes 12 Monster cards you can shuffle into theses games’ Monster decks. Heart of Cormyr is a little different, as the creatures in this box are traditionally good guys; so, instead of Monsters, we’ve included Ally cards for most of these creatures. When you want to use allies, just shuffle the “A Familiar Voice” event card into the Encounter deck. Then as you play, you might find a little help!

Next week: Order cards!

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