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Dragon's-Eye View
By Jon Schindehette

I 'm just back in the office and trying to figure out ways to burn off the calories I packed on over the Thanksgiving break. Perhaps it's due to all the latent L-tryptophan still hanging out in my body, but I've got no idea what to write about this week. Rather than waste a lot of virtual ink writing something uninspired and boring, I'd rather take the opportunity to ask you what is important to you at this time as it relates to D&D art and design? Do you have questions about what we, the visual creative team did, are doing, or should be doing? Do you want to hear about other aspects of the creative process? Maybe you want to hear about the art development process in some of our digital ventures, like the upcoming Neverwinter MMORPG we are teaming up with Cryptic Studios and Perfect World on, or maybe you want to know more about the process of creating a comic book with our partners at IDW. Maybe you'd like me to talk about one of your art pet peeves, or a subject that is near and dear to you—if so, let me know!

I'm opening up the floor for suggestions, opinions, or items for the wish list. The more interesting, or more relevant, the better the chances are that I'll take it on.




Previous Poll Results

Along with my art, I want prose about:
Forget the prose; just give me lots of art. 297 19.9%
I want to learn more about the art process. Tell me stories about the images and how they came to be. 471 31.6%
I want to learn more about the artists. 51 3.4%
I want short stories or poetry to accompany the images. 337 22.6%
I want to know about the history of D&D 308 20.7%
I want other types of prose. See my comments below... 25 1.7%
Total 1489 100.0%

In your art book, do you want to see:
My old favorites-favorite art, favorite artists, favorite subject matter from the past. 182 12.1%
New art that I've never seen before. 306 20.4%
I want to learn more about the artists. 25 1.7%
A mixture of old and new. 990 65.9%
Total 1503 100.0%

If I were to pull together a book around a particular subject, would you be interested? We can talk about subject matter later. Maybe you can even vote for your favorite subject matter!
I'd love to have an art book about a specific subject. 324 24.6%
I'm not interested in such a narrow vision in an art book. 294 22.3%
How about a slightly wider point of view? Maybe a larger subject. 643 48.8%
Other. (Comments below) 56 4.3%
Total 1317 100.0%

Would you love to see some coloring books for your kids or for the kids at heart?
Yes. 870 64.3%
No. 435 32.1%
Other. 49 3.6%
Total 1354 100.0%

Last question. What if we can never figure out a good way to make art books viable in the print form? Would you be interested in a digital "art book," or a print-on-demand option?
Yes. 917 65.4%
No. 444 31.7%
Other. 41 2.9%
Total 1402 100.0%

Jon Schindehette
Jon Schindehette joined Wizards of the Coast in 1997 as the website art director. In the intervening years he has worked as the marketing art director, novels art director, and creative manager. In January of 2009 he moved into the role of senior creative director for D&D. Jon is a long time D&D player (started in 1978), and currently plays in a Tuesday night game and DMs a random pick-up game for younger players. He can be found on Twitter (@ArtOrder) and at
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