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Excerpts: The Paragon Fighter
Martial Power

In today’s Martial Power preview, we introduce you to the basics of the fighter's chapter, as well as a new paragon path: Polearm Master.

The Fighter

“Battle line? Formation? Listen—I came here to kill whatever comes at us, not to march in a parade. I’ll keep you alive by makin’ the bad guys dead. Got me?”

A fighter can use training and talent to be a good defender. Doing so is the typical soldier’s path. But not all fighters follow that path. Maybe you channel your indignation and bloodlust such that you defy your adversaries despite blows that land solidly. Or maybe you take up two weapons and focus on audacious assaults. In these ways, a good offense makes for solid defense.

Specialized techniques aren’t the sole purview of unorthodox fighters, however. Combat systems are as numerous as weapons and the individual warriors who use them. Concentration on a weapon or a style can make your path clear, since certain exploits lend themselves to particular ways of fighting.

Whether you’re a scale-clad, sword-and-board trooper; a tattooed, axe-wielding savage; a dualwielding warrior who moves the battle line from moment to moment; or another sort of fighter, this chapter of Martial Power is for you. It contains the following material:

  • New Fighter Builds: The battlerager and the tempest present different styles of combat that protect your allies while laying your enemies low.

  • New Class Features: Two alternative choices give you the opportunity to focus your fighter even more sharply on one of the new builds.

  • New Fighter Powers: Bring fear of your weapon prowess to your foes in new ways, including exploits that make your basic attacks and charges more dangerous.

  • New Paragon Paths: Your particular road to glory can be represented by one of a dozen new paragon paths, each with its own flair.
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