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Excerpts: Rituals
Manual of the Planes

In today’s Manual of the Planes preview, we introduce the book's new rituals, give you an example of one -- and show off the entire table of contents!

Table of Contents

This book is also built from the bones of giants. From the initial planar visions of Gary Gygax and Dave Sutherland, through the original, inspiring Manual of the Planes by Jeff Grubb, with its contributions by Roger Moore and Ed Greenwood, to the vibrant Planescape work of David Cook, Colin McComb, Michele Carter, and Monte Cook, the planes have been an ever-evolving cosmology. Other resources for this work include the 3rd Edition Manual of the Planes by Jeff Grubb, Bruce R. Cordell, and David Noonan; Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss by Ed Stark, James Jacobs, and Erik Mona; and Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells by Robin D. Laws and Robert J. Schwalb.

Rituals by Level

Rituals are a tool to reach and explore the planes. They can create portals to bridge impossible distances, alter existing portals to send you and your allies into the unknown, and shelter you from the worst that the planes can throw against you. Many of the following rituals facilitate planar exploration and are staples in every planes-traveler’s ritual book.

Level Ritual Key Skill
6 Fey Passage Arcana or Nature
8 Analyze Portal Arcana
8 Shadow Passage Arcana or Religion
12 Demicache Arcana
12 Elemental Transference Arcana
12 Rope Trick Arcana
14 Astral Guide Religion
14 Scramble Portal Arcana
15 Astral Sojourn Religion
15 Create Teleportation Circle Arcana
16 Far Sending Arcana
18 Plane Shift Arcana

Rope Trick

You drop a silver rope that passes through the floor and into a safe chamber where you can rest.

Level: 12
Category: Exploration
Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 7 hours
Component Cost: 1,000 gp, plus a focus worth 2,000 gp
Market Price: 2,500 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

When you perform Rope Trick, the ritual’s focus (see below) passes through a portal and into a temporary demiplane. The portal entrance occupies 1 square. A creature can climb down the rope into a demiplane that is 2 squares high, 8 squares long, and 8 squares wide.

The entrance to the demiplane appears as a subtle shimmer and has solid transparency (see “Transparency,” page 17). A successful Perception check (DC 15 + half your level) allows a creature outside the portal to detect the entrance. The portal can be locked with the Arcane Lock ritual (see the “Arcane Lock, Knock, and Portals” sidebar, page 149), and unless you choose to lock the portal, the demiplane remains accessible from the outside.

Once the ritual ends, the demiplane disappears, and any creatures or objects in the demiplane appear in the nearest unoccupied space to the demiplane’s former entrance. The ritual’s focus appears where the demiplane’s entrance was. The ritual caster can choose to end the ritual at any time.

Focus: A silver rope worth at least 2,000 gp.

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