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Excerpts: Rituals and Artifacts
Open Grave

In today’s Open Grave preview, we introduce a look at rituals, artifacts, and the book's table of contents.

Table of Contents

Rituals by Level

Rituals are complex ceremonies that create extraordinary effects. Treasure found with undead at times contains books or scrolls with certain common rituals scribed in them.

Level Ritual Key Skill
2 Corpse Light Arcana or Religion
2 Last Sight Vision Arcana or Religion
3 Undead Ward Arcana
4 Skull Watch Arcana
6 Undead Servitor Arcana
8 Gravesight Arcana
14 Corpse Gate Arcana

Undead Servitor

The corpse shudders, then clambers to its feet. At your direction, it shoulders your gear and lumbers after you.

Level: 6
Category: Creation
Time: 1 hour
Duration: Permanent
Component Cost: 150 gp
Market Price: 360 gp
Key Skill: Arcana (no check)

You imbue a humanoid corpse of natural origin and Medium or smaller size with the ability to move under its own power and an understanding of one language of your choice. It has speed 6 and Strength 16, never tires, and obeys you at all times.

The undead servitor is a noncombatant. When forced onto an active battlefield, treat the servitor as an allied minion (1 hit point, never damaged on a missed attack) with all defenses of 11. It acts just after you do and never makes attacks.

You cannot have more than one undead servitor at a time from different performances of this ritual. If you attempt to create a second servitor, that ritual fails without component expenditure.


Each artifact is part of a larger story, a slice of the world’s history. An artifact’s back story might be glorious or ignominious, uplifting or disheartening, portentous or rooted firmly in the past. Artifacts associated with death and the undying are just as common as any other kind.

Transcendent: In rare cases, an artifact’s concordance can improve beyond pleased. The transcendent category applies in such cases. The artifact is so impressed by, or enamored of, the behavior of its owner that it grants an additional benefit.

Jet Black Ioun Stone

The Stone is appropriate for paragon-level characters.

(311 Kbs PDF)

Sword of Kas

The Sword of Kas is appropriate for epic-level characters.

(212 Kbs PDF)

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