Excerpts Archive | 1/9/2009
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Excerpts: Kas the Betrayer
Open Grave

In today’s Open Grave preview, we introduce Kas: one of the most powerful humanoids who is not a deity.

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Kas the Betrayer

Long ago, when Vecna was still mortal, Kas was Vecna’s most trusted lieutenant. He served Vecna faithfully for centuries, first as an evil human paladin and later as a vampire lord. Over time, Kas came to envy Vecna’s power and began plotting against him. In the final ritual of Vecna’s apotheosis, Kas struck out, hoping to become a god in Vecna’s stead. Kas’s attempt to destroy Vecna failed, but he did manage to sever Vecna’s hand and cut out one of his eyes in the epic battle. So great was the fight that it destroyed Vecna’s tower and flung Vecna and Kas across the planes. Kas’s plot failed, though he retains his power.

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