Excerpts Archive | 6/15/2009
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Excerpts: Divine Power Favored Soul

In today's Divine Power preview, we present a new paragon path for avengers -- the Favored Soul!

Favored Soul

"Who am I? I am the sword of heaven, forged on the anvil of the world, and you have angered my master."

Prerequisite: Avenger

You have long harbored a divine spark within yourself, a subtle shard of your god's essence. Long has it lain dormant, but as you dispatch your enemies and see your oaths through, the essence awakens and infuses your body with astral brilliance until your mortal shell transmutes into something greater than what it once was. Your deeds are the catalyst for your transformation into a favored soul. Once you set foot on this glorious path, you ever after carry with you the blessings of your god.

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