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Excerpts: Divine Power Miracle Worker

In today's Divine Power preview, we present a new paragon path for clerics -- the Miracle Worker!


"The powers of darkness do not deter me, foul demon! Pelor is my shield and strength!"

Wielding power sanctioned by the gods, you are the center of your adventuring party. You guard your comrades and heal them when they are hurt, and you direct the course of the battle by weakening chosen enemies.

Some clerics prefer to deal with foes directly, wading into hand-to-hand combat or scouring enemies with radiant blasts and pillars of flame. Others follow the path of the shielding cleric (a build introduced in this chapter) to defeat opponents by supporting stouthearted companions. In this role, you do not fear battle, but you understand that your divine power does the most good by blunting the attacks of your enemies and bolstering the efforts of your allies. Through your prayers, you share your own unshakable confidence and determination with your companions, heartening them for the challenges ahead.

Whether you’re a skull-thumping battler, a devoted protector, or a charismatic source of inspiration, this chapter offers numerous ways to lead your comrades in your deity’s cause.

Miracle Worker

"These hands have cured the sick, healed the injured, and forestalled death’s cruel touch."

Prerequisite: Cleric, trained in Heal

You've always had a knack for the healing arts. People just seem to recover more quickly under your care: Bones knit and cuts mend quickly, and even sickness flees your touch. As your mastery of divine power has strengthened, so too have your skills at tending the sick and injured. Now life energy flows through your fingertips to anyone you attend.

More than other clerics, you commit your life to alleviating suffering in any form. When you are not adventuring, you might work in the temples of any god and lend your talents to help the community, whether supplying food to the hungry or removing sickness from the afflicted. You bring these same sensibilities to an adventuring group. You move across the battlefield to shore up weakness and patch up the wounded so they can get back into the fight. You might not directly share in the glory enjoyed by your companions, but you take heart in knowing that they couldn’t have done it without you.

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