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Excerpts: ECG Droaam & Encounter
Eberron Campaign Guide

In today’s Eberron Campaign Guide preview, we take a look at Droaam as well as explore a possible starting point for your Eberron campaign!


Droaam is a deadly frontier marking the edge of civilized Khorvaire. Trolls linger in the mountain passes of the so-called kingdom of monsters. Gargoyles, harpies, and wyverns circle in the skies. On the streets of the Great Crag, ogres and minotaurs rub shoulders with gnolls and goblins. Droaam is one of the strangest lands in Eberron, an alien and dangerous place for outsiders. Yet under the rule of the enigmatic Daughters of Sora Kell, this land grows stronger with each passing year.

Great cities are slowly rising from the rubble of the Last War, and once-savage bands of monstrous humanoids are coming together to form communities—and armies. Deep fractures still undercut the foundations of this new kingdom, and its warlords have ambitions of their own. However, few in the Five Nations believed that Droaam would survive a year, let alone a decade.

As the nation grows stronger, the people of the east might soon be forced to reconsider their attitude toward it. If the Last War begins again, this monstrous land could prove a potent ally. Of course, the Daughters of Sora Kell might have other ideas, and folk in western Breland watch Droaam with trepidation, fearing the day that its armies pour past the mountains to move against their lands.

The customs of the monstrous creatures of Droaam can be difficult for PCs to understand. At your discretion, a PC can take a –5 penalty to Diplomacy checks or Insight checks made against the more unusual inhabitants of this land (medusas, gargoyles, trolls, and the like) unless someone in the party makes a successful hard-DC Nature check at the start of an encounter or a skill challenge.

Lore of Droaam


Streetwise DC 15: Monstrous merchants accept currency from across Khorvaire, but Droaam mints no coins of its own. Instead, its inhabitants barter for goods and services using a wide array of tokens, including the teeth of deadly beasts and slivers of precious metal.

Streetwise DC 20: The villages and smaller settlements of Droaam can be as dangerous as the wilds. However, House Tharashk has established strong connections with the Daughters of Sora Kell, and a group of travelers under Tharashk protection is generally safe within the larger towns and cities.

Sample Encounter

The Eberron Campaign Guide present a 1st-level adventure as a possible starting point for your Eberron campaign, beginning with a flashback to the Day of Mourning and concluding with encounters in Sharn four years later.

As the characters approach the tower, read:
The ruined tower juts up from the mountainside, silhouetted against the gray sky. A few leafless trees grow taller than the tower's crumbling walls, and a mound of rubble is piled near the entrance. There’s no sign of the doors that once sealed the entrance, and you can see one other place where the walls have broken enough to allow passage into the tower.

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