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Excerpts: Primal Power Feats

In today's Primal Power preview, we present new feats for all characters and of course for primal heroes as well!

New Feats

The feats presented here are tailored for primal characters, although a few of them can be used by characters who use any power source.

You must meet a feat’s prerequisites, if any, to take the feat. If you ever lose a prerequisite for a feat, you can’t use the feat until you meet the prerequisite again. A feat that has a class as a prerequisite is available only to members of that class, including characters who have joined the class through a class-specific multiclass feat.

Heroic Tier Feats

Any Class Prerequisites Benefit
Audacious Crow +2 to Thievery checks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Bloodied Spear +1 to attack and damage with opportunity attacks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Courageous Heart +2 to saving throws against charm or fear; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Enduring Mountain Regain 2 additional hp with healing surge; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Fearsome Host +2 to Intimidate checks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Four Winds +2 to Athletics checks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Herbalist Trained in Dungeoneering or Nature, trained in Heal +5 to Heal checks for disease; gain Brew Potion ritual
Inner Compass Trained in Dungeoneering or Nature Roll twice for Dungeoneering and Nature checks in natural environment
Midnight Stalker +2 to Stealth checks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Swift Jaguar +2 to initiative; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Watchful Owl +2 to Perception checks; increase by 1 for each ally with feat
Wild Sage Trained in Nature +5 to Nature knowledge and monster knowledge checks to identify natural creatures, and gain a ritual

Any Primal Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Animal Empathy Trained in Nature +2 to Nature checks, and substitute Nature for Insight when dealing with beasts
Deep Sage Trained in Dungeoneering +5 to Dungeoneering knowledge and aberrant creature monster knowledge checks, and gain fluency in Deep Speech
Eyes of the Spirits Elf Allies affected by Group Awareness ignore –2 concealment penalty
Feral Fey Step Eladrin Use fey step again the first time you’re bloodied
Focus the Spirits’ Lives Deva Roll d10 instead of d6 for memory of a thousand lifetimes on some rolls
Half-Elf Spirit Speaker Half-elf +1 to all defenses for you and allies when you’re first bloodied; +1 to Insight and Nature for allies
Hide Armor Expertise Con 15, proficiency with hide armor Substitute Con modifier for Dex or Int to determine AC
Human Nature Lore Human Roll twice for Endurance or Nature checks
Longtooth Spirit Shifter Longtooth shifter Longtooth shifting regeneration increases by 2
Manifest Healing Genasi Gain 5 temporary hp when you use a racial power
Markings of the Elements Goliath Give up resistance to all damage from stone’s endurance to gain resist 5 to chosen damage type
Markings of the Predator Goliath +1 to all defenses when you bloody a creature
Primal Halfling Counterattack Halfling +4 to damage against target of second chance
Primal Resilience Half-orc Increase temporary hp from Half-Orc Resilience
Razorclaw Spirit Shifter Razorclaw shifter Shift 1 when damaged by attack against AC or Reflex while using razorclaw shifting
Reckless Charge –2 to AC for +1 to attack while charging
Rites of Spirits’ Blood Tiefling +2 to attack roll with Bloodhunt and infernal wrath
Skins of the Slain Proficiency with hide armor Gain bonus to Intimidate checks equal to hide armor’s enhancement bonus
Spider’s Swiftness Drow +1 to speed, or +2 when affected by polymorph or rage power
Spirits of Stealth Gnome +3 damage against bloodied creatures while you’re hidden
Spirits of Stone Dwarf +2 to next attack roll when you use second wind
Spirits of the Primal Dragons Dragonborn Deal 1d8 extra damage of same type as dragon breath after becoming bloodied
Staggering Smash Push target 1 when you daze or stun it with primal power
Stone Step Spirits Dwarf Ignore 1 square of difficult terrain when you move, or all difficult terrain when you charge

Paragon Tier Feats

Any Primal Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Thundering Bull Rush Target 2 creatures with bull rush and choose space you shift into
Two-Handed Grasp Wield a versatile spear in two hands to gain high crit

Epic Tier Feats

Any Primal Class Other Prerequisites Benefit
Second Skin Con 17, proficiency with hide armor +2 to AC with hide armor, reduce check penalty by 1, and +1 to attack with primal fear powers

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