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Player's Handbook 3 Excerpts: Feats

In today's Player's Handbook 3 preview, we look at a new feats providing a wide array of options for all characters. Characters using the new classes and races in this book will find abundant feats aimed at improving their class and racial features. Multiclass and hybrid characters can make use of a range of feats designed to help them make better use of their class abilities. Other characters can choose from a number of feats that help them get maximum benefit from their strengths and cover their weaknesses.

Battle Hardened

Benefit: You gain a +5 feat bonus to saving throws against fear effects.

In addition, you gain a +2 feat bonus to initiative checks.

Improved Aspect of Nature

Prerequisite: Wilden, Nature’s Aspect racial trait

Benefit: When you use your voyage of the ancients racial power, you can teleport 2 additional squares.

You gain a +2 bonus to the attack roll granted by your wrath of the destroyer racial power.

When you use your pursuit of the hunter racial power, you can shift 2 additional squares.

Polearm Flanker

Benefit: When you make a melee attack with a polearm against a target that is not adjacent to you, choose an unoccupied square that is adjacent to both you and the target. You are considered to occupy that square for the purpose of determining if you flank the target for the attack.

Any Class Prerequisites Benefit
Alhahn’s Mindful Relocation Githzerai, Shifting Fortunes Shift your speed when using Shifting Fortunes
Battle Hardened +5 to saving throws against fear, +2 to initiative checks
Battle Caster Defense +4 AC against opportunity attacks after you use ranged or area power
Battering Shield Proficiency with heavy shields Push or slide target 1 additional square when using shield
Beguiling Enchantment Enemy –2 to attacks after you hit it with charm power
Bloodied Ferocity Minotaur Make free melee basic attack when first bloodied
Brutal Ferocity Minotaur, Ferocity +2 attack and damage with attack granted by Ferocity
Burden of Guardianship Wilden, Nature’s Aspect Temporary hp when you use racial power and ally is nearby
Burden of Rejuvenation Wilden, Nature’s Aspect Unconscious ally you can see heals when you use racial power
Cascading Rush Push adjacent enemy before or after bull rush
Cleanse the Madness Shardmind or wilden +2 or more damage against aberrant creatures
Combat Intuition +2 to opportunity attacks against enemy you miss
Dakshai’s Body-Mind Union Githzerai, iron mind Expend iron mind to gain saving throw with +5 bonus
Deadly Draw Combat advantage against enemy you pull or slide adjacent
Directed Bull Rush Slide your bull rush target instead of pushing
Focused Mind +4 to saving throws against dazing and stunning effects
Goring Shove Str 15, minotaur, goring charge Push target 1 square after goring charge
Grounding Shot Your ranged attacks hit and damage prone targets more easily
Hafted Defense +1 AC and Reflex while wielding polearm or staff in two hands
Hammering Iron Push target after opportunity attack when using hammer
Headsman’s Chop 5 extra damage to prone target when using axe or heavy blade
Hybrid Talent Hybrid character Gain a hybrid talent option for one of yur hybrid class entries
Impending Victory +1 attack with at-will powers against bloodied creatures
Improved Aspect of Nature Wilden, Nature’s Aspect Gain additional benefit from use of your racial power
Iron Resolve of Zerthadlun Githzerai +2 to saving throws if you have at least 1 power point
Liberating Shard Swarm Shardmind, shard swarm Make saving throw when you use shard swarm
Low Crawl You can shift while prone
Lucky Start Make first attack roll twice if your initiative check is highest
Miryath’s First Strike Wis 13, githzerai Extra damage against creature that has not yet acted
Nimble Runner +2 Reflex when you run, and don’t grant combat advantage
Opportunistic Shove Bull rush when you make opportunity attack
Polearm Flanker Flank from 1 square away when using polearm
Power Throw Str 15 Trade –2 attack for damage bonus with heavy thrown weapon
Prime Burst Prime Shot Prime Shot benefit also applies to area burst attacks
Psychic Focus Shardmind +2 or more damage with psychic powers
Rapid Assault +2 or more damage on your first attack during an encounter
Secret of Reawakening Wilden, Nature’s Aspect Change aspect and regain racial power after you drop to 0 hp
Shifting Defense Shift 1 square when you use total defense
Skill Power 2nd level Gain skill power of your level or lower
Spring Step Shift 1 square when you stand up
Springing Charge Minotaur Make second charge attack after critical on first charge attack
Steady Feet Ignore 1 square of difficult terrain when you walk
Strike and Shove Push target after critical hit with melee attack
Superior Implement Training Use one superior implement of a type open to your class
Teamwork Defense +1 AC when adjacent to ally who also has this feat
Unarmored Agility +2 AC while wearing cloth armor or no armor
Unfailing Vigor Spend a healing surge if you roll 18–20 on death saving throw
Versatile Expertise Bonus to attacks with weapons and implements of your choice
Vicious Advantage Gain combat advantage against slowed or immobilized targets
Warding Defense Allies benefit when you use total defense and wield a shield

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