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Player's Strategy Guide Excerpts

The Player's Strategy Guide doesn't just offer advice on how to build and advance your characters according to your playing preference and party needs—we put this advice to practice. We'll be showcasing a sample party of characters from the book later on; for now, we wanted to showcase one of the many characters described by their players (including Wil Wheaton, the Robot Chicken writers, Leverage creator John Rogers, as well as Wizards of the Coast designers, developers, editors, and others).

The following character introduction comes to us courtesy of Shelly Mazzanoble, "player-in-chief" as advocated in her online column, Confessions of a Full-Time Wizard. Her next column, in fact, examines (and puts to use) further advice from the Player's Strategy Guide.

Tell Us About Your Character

Tabitha Sparkles is a 29-year-old tiefling wizard who has a penchant for animal rights and blowing things up.

She’s tall and lean and boasts a bitchin’ pair of biceps, which she likes to show off by wearing sleeveless robes. She has purple-black hair and gold eyes that turn scarlet at the slightest raise in her blood pressure. She tends to look brooding and irritated, which might be due to the weight of her horns but more likely just reflects her truly brooding and irritated nature.

Most importantly, she is the antithesis of my first D&D character, Astrid Bellagio: a cheerful, beautiful sorceress with exquisite taste in shoes and wracked with guilt whenever she had to hit any creature resembling an animal. I played Astrid when I wrote Confessions of a Part-Time Sorceress and I made it my mission to keep her alive until I had finished the book. I owed her at least that, right? I’m happy to report Astrid safely retired from adventuring and now teaches sorcery at a charm school in Eberron. My quest to keep her alive resulted in the poor sorceress always stuck behind a pillar, in another room, with her hands over her ears shouting, “Is it over yet?” Good thing she had so many long-range powers.

I loved Astrid—maybe too much—but I knew the next character would be different. I actually wanted to play D&D!

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