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The Spellblades
Player's Strategy Guide Excerpts

Without exploiting the rules, a party can benefit from choosing classes, powers, and other options that work well together. Chapter 2 of the Player's Strategy Guide aims to ensure that your party becomes a well-oiled machine—in today's except by looking at one sample party, and the ways to optimize, tactical use, and advance such characters in conjunction.

We come from different races, different lands, different backgrounds. And yet our knowledge and appreciation of the arcane mysteries bring us together in a shared quest for the secrets held by the many worlds.

The Spellblades bonded over a common interest in arcane magic. Some characters dabble in magic, using it to enhance their martial attacks. Others are full-fledged magic users who revel in the thrill of spell and ritual.

Even with this shared power source, subtle differences and rivalries exist within the Spellblades. The feyborn eladrin, Taellaen, sometimes wonders if the shadowy Delaia keeps secrets from the rest of the group. The characters compete for the highest Arcana check result, seeing it as a point of pride.

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