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Slime Devils
Monster Manual 3 Excerpts

Vaguely humanoid-shaped amalgams of sludge and hate, today's Monster Manual 3 featured creature—slime devils—acts as spies and interrogators for archdevils. A slime devil can engulf a creature and pull thoughts from its mind, making these devils a valuable commodity among the denizens of the Nine Hells. They are the favored servants of Mammon, lord of the third hell, and many of the slithering devils inhabit Minauros’s muck-covered caverns.


Arcana DC 25: Slime devils are born of loathing, intrigue, and anger. They use their talents to rip thoughts from the minds of their enemies. Unlike most devils, slime devils are neither former angels nor immortal servants being punished for transgressions against their gods. They are the amalgamation of the corrupt souls of inquisitors who came to rest in the swamps of Minauros. Filled with arrogance and hate, these souls are pulled indelibly toward Minauros until coming to rest in the swamps. There, each soul’s roiling mess of emotion seeps into the acidic black sludge, and from it, a slime devil emerges.

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Monday: Some have the willpower and anger to float again, returning as ghost beholders.

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