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Demonic Delve
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A reeking saltwater fen floods the fields of a once-bountiful land, its wasted crops rotting where they stand. Beyond the remains of the only town that still clings to life here, the mouth of a cave vomits forth a bloody tide of brine. A shrieking wind screams a challenge to the heroes—calling out with the voice of Demogorgon in today's Demonomicon sample encounter.


Arcana or Nature DC 17: The brine is not a natural phenomenon, and it carries a particular dark essence. This flood comes from Abysm, the realm of Demogorgon, Prince of Demons.

History or Religion DC 26: A story is told of the heroic adventurer Saint Daenor, who turned his back on wealth and fame to settle in these lands generations ago. Though the area had a reputation as a demon-haunted waste, Saint Daenor was said to have driven the demons out and tamed it.

When the adventurers enter the cave, read:

The stench exuding from the shadowed entrance to this cavern is abominable. The tang of salt air mixes with the rank taint of death. Pools of brine cover the cavern floor, filled with otherworldly shells of prismatic color and the flitting shapes of tiny, two-headed fish. Past the mouth of the cave, an unnatural darkness looms.

The Mouth of Demogorgon

(1.5 Mbs PDF)

Monday: Oublivae stalks the empty wastelands, lurks within abandoned shrines and toppled ruins, and haunts the trackless seas and the starry void between planes and worlds.

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