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Demonomicon Excerpts

Dark-eyed strangers lurking in twilight shadows are to be avoided by young mortals, who must have the wisdom to bar their windows to handsome vagabonds calling from the street below. In today's Demonomicon excerpt, an incubus stalks the mortal target of its fiendish desire, shifting between forms of mortal, beast, and dream until it catches and savages its quarry.


Arcana DC 19: When he was an archdevil, Graz’zt invaded the Abyss with his infernal armies, bringing along his palace servants, retainers, and harem of succubi. By the time the Dark Prince had laid claim to his first abyssal layer, the plane’s corrupting power had already begun to influence his followers. The devilish succubi were transformed into the first incubi, extending change shape to take the forms of beasts as a reflection of their newly chaotic nature.

Serving as scouts and assassins for the Dark Prince, the incubi soon became Graz’zt’s primary forces in the mortal realm. In the world, their skills are uniquely shaped to the corruption and trickery that is the demon lord’s forte. Although an incubus can control a mortal host at a distance, its power can be partly blocked at a site consecrated against evil. The demon thus attempts to obtain a creature’s trust by inhabiting its dreams, convincing it to willingly accept the incubus’s dark embrace.

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