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Atlas of Athas: Lalali-Puy
Dark Sun Excerpts

The residents of Gulg seem happier and more content than the citizens of any other city-state. The Forest Goddess Lalali-Puy, their beloved Oba -- and today's Dark Sun Creature Catalog excerpt -- has bound them in chains of reverence, gratitude, and love.


History or Religion DC 33: Called the Oba, or Forest Goddess, Lalali-Puy is the supreme ruler of Gulg. Citizens revere her as the source of Gulgan prosperity. She is the bringer of rain and their protector against threats from the physical and spirit worlds. Lalali-Puy owns everything in Gulg, including property, beasts, and food. She sees to its even distribution among the dagadas, or communities.

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Friday: "Terrible sounds are carried across the Athasian plains, but perhaps the most insidious is the jingling of small bells—the work of belgoi."

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