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Shadows Feats
Heroes of Shadow Excerpts

Most of the feats presented in Heroes of Shadow are associated with shadow magic or the Shadowfell. Several feat categories provide a hint of shadow magic’s power, allowing you to tap into that power in minor but useful ways. Others encompass specialized training that reflects a character’s connection to the realm of shadow, or a focus on battling the monsters spawned there, particularly the undead.


Those who touch the Shadowfell occasionally develop the ability to see the spirit world and the unearthly things that dwell there. These so-called "ghostwise" learn to draw on their second sight to grant them a supernatural edge in combat.

Ghostwise Feats
Ghost Eyes
Ghost Scorpion Strike
Spectral Step

Ghost Eyes: Your connection to the world of unseen things allows you to catch flickering glimpses of invisible creatures, helping you land blows that might otherwise go astray.

Prerequisite: Wisdom 13

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls against invisible creatures. In addition, you gain a +5 feat bonus to Perception checks actively made to find creatures that are hidden from you.

Ghost Scorpion Strike: The ghost scorpion is a mythical predator of the Shadowfell whose name is invoked by a deadly combat tradition. Even incorporeal undead quail in fear of your mastery of the ghost scorpion’s power.

Benefit: Your necrotic attack powers and poison attack powers ignore the insubstantial quality.

Spectral Step: The power of the Shadowfell flows in you, responding to your heroic instincts to let you slip partly into the spirit world for a time.

Prerequisite: Any shadow power

Benefit: When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you also become insubstantial until the end of your current turn.

Implement Training

For those who wield magic, an implement provides a conduit for deadly power. The feats in this category allow you to improve your prowess with a holy symbol or a ki focus.

Implement Training Feats
Holy Symbol Expertise
Ki Focus Expertise

Lore of Moil

At great risk, you have sought out the ancient tomes and scrolls of Moil, the City That Waits. This doomed civilization swore allegiance to dread Orcus, Demon Prince of Undeath, then forsook him out of fear and remorse. The city’s faith turned to Pelor, god of light and scourge of the undead. For this betrayal, Orcus flung the entire city into the Shadowfell, where it slumbers, devoid of all life. The secrets you have gathered hint at the terrible power once wielded by the city’s inhabitants.

Lore of Moil Feats
Executioner of Undeath
Legioncaller of Moil
Soulstealer of Moil
Tainted Wounds

Executioner of Undeath: As a hero sworn to destroy the undead, you can draw on ancient combat tactics to maximize the effect of your deadliest weapon attacks.

Benefit: Whenever you make a weapon attack using an axe or a heavy blade against an undead creature, you can reroll any damage die but must use the second result.

Legioncaller of Moil: Moil was defended by vast armies of undead and other creatures of darkness whose unholy vitality spoke to the power of the city’s necromancers. Having gleaned their secrets, you can call forth mightier servants to carry out your will.

Benefit: Any creature that you summon with a shadow summoning power gains a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls and a +1 feat bonus to all defenses.

Soulstealer of Moil: When you call your dark servants, you draw off raw vitality from the necromantic energy that animates them.

Benefit: Whenever you use a shadow summoning power, you gain 5 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points increase to 10 at 11th level and 15 at 21st level.

Tainted Wounds: You have learned how to turn shadow magic against the monsters you face. When your weapon scores a hit, you leave behind a lingering curse that saps a foe’s ability to heal.

Benefit: If you hit an enemy with a melee weapon attack, it cannot regain hit points until the end of your next turn.


Revenants have access to a number of feats based on the unique nature of their existence.

Revenant Racial Feats
Dark Feasting
Empowered Reaping
Past Soul


Your soul is tethered to the Shadowfell. You might be a shadowborn creature, touched by the time you or your ancestors spent in that dark realm. You might have been born near a shadow crossing in the mortal realm, or touched by the attack of shadow monsters, such as wraiths and specters. Whatever its origin, your connection to the darkness lets your own shadow serve as a conduit for the Shadowfell’s power.

Shadowborn Feats
Born of Shadow
Shadow Blood
Shadow Control
Shadow Mantle
Shadow Overflow
Shadow Strider


Although the vast ice sheets of the Elemental Chaos and the Feywild’s courts of the winter fey vie for the title of the coldest site in all creation, no realm reflects the gloom, loneliness, and oppression of winter as does the Shadowfell. Your association with that realm manifests in your embrace of the cold, granting you a kinship with the power of winter.

Winterkin Feats
Frozen Soul
Winter Walker

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