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Factions and Foes, Pt. 1
Neverwinter Campaign Setting Excerpts

What care have we for the feuding rabble that grubs about these lands? When fallen Xinlenal regains its rightful place in the skies, all the fractured factions of the North will be nothing more than cowering dogs in our shadow.
—Clariburnus Tanthul, Prince of Shade

Neverwinter teeters on the brink of chaos, but most people remain blind to the danger. The citizens shake their heads at both the Mintarn soldiers’ abuses and the rebels’ responses as they gingerly step over rivulets of blood pooling on the cobblestones.

Yet these conflicts pale in comparison to the secret wars hidden forces are waging from the shadows. A host of allies, enemies, and people caught in between awaits heroes willing to delve into events surrounding Neverwinter:

  • New Neverwinter: Lord Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter.

  • Abolethic Sovereignty: A sect of the powerful aberrant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of Spellplague beneath the city.

  • Ashmadai: A cult of Asmodeus worshipers is bent on dominion in the region.

  • Thayans: Servants of Szass Tam seek to use the region’s magic to raise an undead army.

  • Netherese: The Shadovar intend to raise an important fallen enclave hidden in Neverwinter Wood.

  • Other Neverwinter Factions: A fractured band of rebels is fighting Neverember’s rule, and a war party of orcs is occupying part of the city. Meanwhile, many other groups of note are also scheming in Neverwinter.

  • Other Factions in the Wood: A tribe of Uthgardt barbarians is splintering violently. Angry eladrin have returned from the Feywild to a ruined world. And Cult of the Dragon members are unwillingly aiding the Thayan cause.

  • Denizens of Gauntlgrym: Monsters haunt the lost dwarven city, while duergar dig deep beneath it and drow plot to dominate it. Meanwhile, illithids are reclaiming their holdings in the depths, and elemental beings flock to the buried primordial that burns at Gauntlgrym’s heart.


Devil worship? In Neverwinter? Why, my pretty lass, I’m afraid you’ve been misinformed. The Lord Protector does his job well, and I assure you we’re safe from such things. Now, why don’t you let me pour you another cup of wine? If you’re frightened, you can sit closer to me.
—Mordai Vell

A secret society rules the shadows of Neverwinter’s surface streets. Few dare to even whisper their fears of it. After all, anyone could don a pleasant smile and still be a member of the Ashmadai, a brutal cult of devil worshipers sworn to Asmodeus.

The Ashmadai is well connected. In the past few decades—before and after the cataclysm—its members burrowed deep into every organization in Neverwinter. Now no one really knows who is a loyal friend and who is a devil-worshiping enemy.

Ashmadai cultists come from all walks of life—poor or wealthy, male or female, any race or creed. The three traits that unite them are a tendency toward arrogance, a shared faith in (and fear of) Asmodeus, and a curious mark branded on their chests, which they usually take pains to hide. Often, members do not know one another on sight, and the brand is the only way they can identify each other.

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The Neverwinter Experience

Once a glittering beacon of civilization, the Jewel of the North now promises death to the timid, glory to the bold, and danger for all. This is Neverwinter: join the adventure, choose your faction, and change the game!

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Misfit Monsters

Considering today’s faction—the devil-worshipping Ashmadai—we wanted to end with Peter Lazarski’s latest Misfit Monsters. Nobles of the Nine Hells, who makes a more fiendish foe than a pit fiend? Even one named Jerry…

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