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Excerpts: Murder in Baldur's Gate

W ealth flows into the city of Baldur’s Gate like water. As the rich luxuriate in their mansions atop the bluff and artisans ply their trades on the steep streets, masses of poor laborers swell the slums. Money and power beget political scandal, religious fervor, crime . . . and murder. No one feels safe on the rain-darkened streets. Strange, foreign gods are beseeched in secret shrines. The city is rife with corruption. And through it all, the body count keeps rising.

Murder in Baldur's Gate presents the city in the time of the Sundering, a period that will define the future of the Forgotten Realms. In addition to the adventure playing out in this season's D&D Encounters, Murder in Baldur's Gate also provides 64 pages of in-depth information on the city and its inhabitants.

Cradled in a crook of the Chionthar and often swaddled in mist, Baldur’s Gate clings tight to the granite bluffs that channel the river. Trade nursed, the city grew from pirates’ port to farmers’ fort to the bustling urban center it is today.

Generations have worn smooth the cobbles of its narrow streets, and tens of thousands have lived their entire lives in the long shadows of its walls. The city’s stone has soaked in the blood of acclaimed heroes and terrible villains. Alongside and atop such stains, nobles and commoners, rich and poor, have lazed and sweat, ruled and bled, as they’ve played out the stories of their lives—making Baldur’s Gate a place of history and a home to legends.

In today's excerpt—without revealing details of the adventure itself currently underway—we wanted to offer a look inside the Murder in Baldur's Gate Campaign Guide:

An Overview of the City

(455 Kbs PDF)

Wyrm's Crossing and Wyrm's Rock

(628 Kbs PDF)

Find out more about Baldur's Gate and the Sundering at dungeonsanddragons.com/sundering.

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