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Free RPG Day

It's coming! Saturday, June 19th, 2010 – it's Free RPG Day!

What does this mean for you? Just visit a participating location, where you'll be able to grab new material for a variety of RPGs, including new Dark Sun material: Bloodsand Arena, written by our very own Chris Tulach!

The fires of the crimson sun burn hot as your group of vagabonds band together to face intrigue, betrayal, and the beasts of Bloodsand Arena. Can your group survive and earn glory in the world of Dark Sun?

This Dungeons & Dragons adventure folio, created for Free RPG Day 2010, previews the Dark Sun setting, available in August 2010. Bloodsand Arena is designed for 1st-level characters and contains two short adventures, a double-sided poster map of key encounter areas, and a pack of six pre-generated D&D characters.

In fact, we're providing these pre-generated characters right here:

(1.8 Mbs Zipped PDFs)
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