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D&D Podcast: Essentials
(July 2010)
Mike Mearls & Jeremy Crawford

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Don't just read about D&D's latest news and announcements -- listen to them as well! And where better to find inside information than from the very halls of Wizards of the Coast.

In this episode, hosts Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford launch the first of a few conversations about the D&D Essentials line—offering an overview of what these products contain and what they mean for your game. And then, player-in-chief Shelly Mazzanoble investigates the Mark of Nerath and Abyssal Plague with guests Bill Slavicsek and James Wyatt. Finally, we continue our pledge of answering still more of your mailbag questions!

00:50—Kicking off Essentials!

04:45—On the subject of class modularity (hint: yes).

06:50—What’s exactly meant by new class "version"?

15:20—On the evolution of class design.

18:15—Two very esteemed guests, one of whose name apparently must be screamed.

19:30—The first story in a new novel line.

22:50—A world-spanning event, with a prelude happening now.

28:45—Mailbag: What can you do with a dominated foe?

30:15—Mailbag: Marked targets and area attacks.

31:25—Mailbag: The proper reading of a power's miss line.

32:50—Mailbag: The proper reading of flavor text.

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About the Hosts

Mike Mearls started at Wizards in 2005 after working as a freelance writer and game designer since 1999. He’s been a developer, a designer, a lead developer, and now a lead designer. He started playing D&D back in 1981 and has managed to sit down and play every version of the game. His favorite games aside from D&D include Arkham Horror, Call of Cthulhu, Small World, and Left 4 Dead.

Jeremy Crawford has been editing and developing D&D products at Wizards of the Coast since 2007. His work currently focuses on the Player's Handbook series for 4th Edition, and he is closely involved in the continued development of the edition's rules. He also cohosts the official D&D podcast. Before joining Wizards, Jeremy worked as an editor and web developer by day and as an RPG editor and designer by night, contributing to books for the games Blue Rose, Mutants & Masterminds, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

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