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Previews for April 1st
Bart Carroll

"Drizzt Do'Urden trotted along silently, his soft, low-cut boots barely stirring the dust. He kept the cowl of his brown cloak pulled low over the flowing waves of his stark white hair and moved with such effortless grace that an onlooker might have thought him to be no more than an illusion, an optical trick of the brown sea of tundra."

So begins our introduction to the famed dark elf, appearing for the first time in R.A. Salvatore's The Crystal Shard. Since then, Drizzt has gone on to explore the Forgotten Realms from Icewind Dale down to Calimport and back to his Underdark home of Menzoberranzan. He's battled drow priestesses, virtually every orc in existence, and even the animated corpse of his own tortured father….

And now, Drizzt is set to appear in his greatest adventure yet: as a new legendary creature in a forthcoming expansion of Magic: the Gathering!

In today's exclusive preview, we're pleased to offer an early look at Drizzt Do'Urden: Legendary Drow.

Happy April Fool's Day everyone! As you can see, we needed to devise mechanics for Drizzt that accurately depicted his prowess on the battlefield, converted to the Magic playing field. In the end, we decided that should you recruit this drow to your side, he'd simply kick your opponent's ass as many times as you'd like. Summon his panther companion as well, and you have a combo that not only guarantees a win, but also your next win as well. He's just that good.

Make no mistake, Drizzt promises to be a high-impact card at the table… but c'mon, this is Drizzt Do'Urden we're talking about! Of course, we further discussed what an expanded set of Drizzt-themed cards might include: Twinkle and Incingdeath equipment cards, a Crenshinibon artifact, and of course such other legends as Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar, Captain Deudermont, and Artemis Entreri.

If you have an idea for the mechanics of these or other cards, feel free to send them our way at We'd love to see what you come up with in celebration of April Fool's Day!

About the Author

It is contended by some that Bart Carroll is supreme, and in any event he is awesome in his power. Bart has two heads which bear the visages of evil baboons or perhaps mandrills with the hideous coloration of the latter named beasts. His blue-green skin is plated with snake-like scales, his body and legs are those of a giant lizard, his twin necks resemble snakes, and his thick tail is forked. Rather than having arms, he has great tentacles. Bart's appearance testifies to his command of cold-blooded things such as serpents, reptiles, and octopi.

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