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Savage Encounters Preview 7
Peter Lee

After just a few short weeks, we’re suddenly at the last preview for November’s new miniature release, Savage Encounters. In a few days, you’ll be able to stop at your local game store to add up to 40 new miniatures for your game, featuring monsters drawn from all tiers of play. Let’s look at the final five miniatures in the set.

When designing a set of miniatures, we put a lot of thought into monsters that work well together. Sometimes connections are obvious: the three Foulspawn from Legendary Evils, or a necromancer in a set heavy with undead. Sometimes it’s not as evident, but it’s there. Check out the stat cards for the rare Vampire Guildmaster and the common Rat Swarm for a way miniatures relate in more subtle ways.

Another thematic link involves Graz’zt, a rare miniature previewed in the November and Beyond article. When I decided to put this iconic D&D villain into Savage Encounters, I needed monsters he would interact with. Naturally, I chose his typical bodyguard: the scimitar-wielding Marilith. I admit the levels are not close, but if you compare the Marilith with the Aspect of Graz’zt, you’ll find a perfect fit at level 24.

Three miniatures in this set have a skeletal appearance, and all three of these come from races that are more prevalent in 4th edition compared to previous editions: tieflings, dragonborns, and cyclopses (or cyclopes, if you believe mssrs. Merriam and Webster). You’ve already seen the Skeletal Tiefling and Skeletal Cyclops, but the third is the new Death Knight, based on a dragonborn paladin. The stats for this level 25 Elite soldier are drawn from page 51 of the Monster Manual, and you can see how the art evolved if you check out the death knight on page 177 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Legendary Evils was really the first set where we were able to commission art based on the final Monster Manual art, so we’re finally able to pick up some of the monsters first seen in that book. Each preview has featured one Visible figure, and for our last preview I present one of the elementals found in the Monster Manual: the Rockfire Dreadnought.

That’s it for the Savage Encounters previews! If you haven’t had your fill of the creatures in this set, be sure to check Jared Hindman’s versions of the set. Until next time, have fun!

Vampire Guildmaster

Death Knight

Rat Swarm

Rockfire Dreadnought

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