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Rule-of-Three: 08/15/2011
R&D Staff

You’ve got questions—we’ve got answers! Here’s how it works—each week, our Community Manager will be scouring all available sources to find whatever questions you’re asking. We’ll pick three of them to answer, whether about the about the making of the game, the technical workings of our DDI studio, or anything else you care to know about… with some caveats.

There are certain business and legal questions we can’t answer (for business and legal reasons). And if you have a specific rules question, we’d rather point you to Customer Service, where representatives are ready and waiting to help guide you through the rules of the game. That said, our goal is provide you with as much information we can—in this and other venues.

1 Will the knight, slayer, thief, and mage get hybrid and multiclass write-ups similar to the other Essentials characters? If so, when?

No hybrid versions or additional multiclass feats specific to those subclasses are currently planned for 2011. The topic will be reviewed again as a possible Dragon article in 2012. In the meantime, see the article "Class Compendium: Feats" (Dragon 398), which provides access to certain elements of those subclasses (power strike, warpriest domains, mage schools, and the like).

2 Do you intend to post any rules updates or corrections for D&D Gamma World, like you do for 4E?

While built on the same system, Gamma World and D&D 4E are two very different beasts with different focuses when it comes to feel and balance. The first (stickied) thread in the Gamma World forum contains questions and answers generated by the community, links of interest, and a lot of other helpful info for Gamma World players and GMs. Right now, our errata reviewers are focused on getting D&D books and online articles up to date. When they get caught up on that process, they'll look at the Gamma World forum and determine whether anything in it needs to be addressed officially. For now, that thread is a terrific resource (and we appreciate all the work that dedicated fans have put into it).

3 My local store charges players $5 per session to play D&D Encounters. Is it OK for them to charge? Is there an official Wizards policy on that?

It’s up to individual stores whether to charge for events. Some need to collect a fee to cover the cost of their gaming space or to provide extras to players or DMs. Some stores use an in-between system called "freemiums"—that is, you can play for free, but you also have the option of paying a small fee to get something extra, such as guaranteed seating at a venue that draws more players than it can fit, complementary snacks and drinks, or discounts on featured products. Ultimately, the decision is up to the individual shop. Wizards of the Coast neither encourages nor discourages fees; we just want players to get the most out of the program, and in some locales, stores need to collect a fee in order to provide the best D&D experience.

How can I submit a question to the Rule-of-Three?

Instead of a single venue to submit questions, our Community Manager will be selecting questions from our message boards, Twitter feed, and Facebook account. You can also submit questions directly to So, if you’d like to have your question answered in the Rule-of-Three, just continue to participate in our online community—and we may select yours!

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