Wallpapers Archive | 1/23/2009
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Open Grave
Toshiko Okumura

Open Grave

Despite their unholy hunger, undead can remain animate for centuries on end, even if locked away from all light or sustenance. In this fashion, undead remain threats long after living guardians and mundane traps in ancient citadels molder to nothing. Undead are touched with shadow, and necromantic magic sustains them. Some have walked the world for millennia.

To Use the Desktop Wallpapers

Mac OS X: If you are using Macintosh OS X, put the desktop pictures into your Pictures folder then open System Preferences. Select "Desktops" then choose the desktop picture you want to use.

Windows: If you are using Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP, right click on any empty area on your desktop. Select Properties in the menu that appears. Click the Desktop tab. Click the Browse button, then navigate to where you stored your desktop wallpapers, then select the desktop wallpaper you want to use.

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