Wallpapers Archive | 5/13/2009
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To Use the iPhone Wallpapers

1. Right-click or control-click on the image you want to use.

2. Select "Save as…" and save the image to your hard drive.

  • Mac users can either save the image to a folder or add it to their iPhoto library.
  • PC users will want to save the wallpaper into their "My Pictures" folder.

Connect the iPhone to your computer and do the following:

1. Launch iTunes, click your iPhone icon on iTunes, choose the Photos tab, and select "Sync photos from:"

2. From the pop-up menu, do one of the following:

  • If your using a Mac, choose iPhoto or your Pictures folder.
  • If you’re using a PC, choose My Pictures folder.

3. Choose Folder, then choose any folder on your computer that has images.

4. Choose "All photos," or choose "Selected folders" or "Selected albums" and choose the folders or albums you want to sync.

On your iPhone:

5. Launch the Photos app. Browse through the albums or Camera Roll until you find the picture you wish to use.

6. Select the picture so it is displayed full screen.

7. Tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen. If you don't see the icon, single tap the picture to display the menus.

8. A menu pops up with three options: Email Photo, Use as Wallpaper, or Assign to Contact.

9. Choose "Use as Wallpaper".

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