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Dungeon Survival Handbook Wallpapers
J Kovach

Dungeons hold everything an adventurer could want: untold riches to plunder, new areas to explore, dangerous beasts to challenge, and strange societies to interact with. An ordinary adventurer accustomed to a soft life in the surface world might get a short distance into a dungeon and consider it a glorious victory. But hardscrabble Underdark natives and veteran delvers know just how difficult survival is down there in the darkness, and that the tunnels keep descending into realms of ever greater danger.

A dungeon adventure is all about huge risks and even greater rewards. You (as well as your character) need careful preparation, problem-solving skills, nerves of steel, and a healthy dose of good luck to take on a dungeon crawl and succeed. Around every corner is some unexpected threat, deadly mystery, or never-before-seen Underdark horror. If you can’t step up to the challenge, you’ll never make it out.

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Wallpaper: Dungeon Survival Handbook

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