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Familiars of AthasD&D Insider Article
Power Play: Arcane
By Tim Eagon

On Athas, legends describe familiars as malevolent spirits and harbingers of misfortune and death because of their association with arcane magic. Prudent arcane spellcasters prefer familiars that emulate the appearance and behavior of small, commonly domesticated animals, because overtly supernatural ones draw unwanted attention. This article presents a few familiars that are common on Athas.

Most Athasians view these colorful reptiles as a sign of good fortune and welcome them into their homes. Critic lizards have a rudimentary precognitive ability that enables them to sense approaching danger, which they use to warn those that regularly feed them. Despite repeated attempts at domestication, critic lizards remain stubbornly feral and demonstrate a nasty independent streak; one refuses to help its owner if it is ever confined, mistreated, or underfed.

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    About the Author

    Tim Eagon previously wrote "Oasis of the Golden Peacock" and "Winning Races: Eladrin, Beyond the Spiral Tower." He points out that this article contains no fey.

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