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Sages of the Swan TowerD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Ken Silverman

Within the halls of Kerith-Ald, or the Swan Tower, are Ioun’s revered sages. These eternal sages learn, discover, and catalog every piece of knowledge in the universe, and perhaps beyond it. Many who are devoted to Ioun pray to one day fill a position within these honored Halls of Enlightenment, where they can gain the opportunity to theorize and research with the greatest and most diverse resources collected in one place. And among those few are some who strive to earn the greatest honor they can imagine: to be recognized as a Pillar of Ioun, one of the bare handful of sages whose spectacular accomplishments have been immortalized within Kerith-Ald.

Have you not seen it? Swan Tower carves a glorious arc from earth to sky; its gleaming white brilliance serves as a symbol of the truth it holds within it. However, its outward appearance is nothing compared to the marvels inside it. Historians, scribes, and seers of impossible talent work to record more information than any mortal could dream of in a thousand lifetimes. And the sages. Oh, the glorious sages! Masters of lore, sciences, and arcana that eclipse the knowledge of all but Ioun. Yes, friend, the Swan Tower is truly an experience that cannot be rivaled.

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    About the Author

    Ken Silverman is a wannabe writer who decided to get rid of the "wannabe."” He lives in a cozy home with his beloved wife and their menagerie—an angel, an admiral, and two godlings. He thanks them for their words, barks, and meows of encouragement.

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