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Channel Divinity: AvandraD&D Insider Article
The Ever-Forking Path
By Craig Campbell

The faithful of Avandra see the cosmos in simple terms. History informs their decisions, and thoughts of what might come fill their hearts with hope. But their place in the world, right now, is paramount. They see themselves walking along a road that began in history and leads forward to myriad possibilities. They call this road the Ever-Forking Path.

The cleric’s smile never faltered as he broke into the exchange. "Friends! We don’t have time for intricacies. The ghost within the tomb is about to rise. We need to act now." He glanced over his shoulder and began reciting the credo he had driven into his friends’ minds over the past few months. “A life lived timidly . . .” He rose, turned, and charged toward the tomb. As Thelwyn ran forward, his friends smiled to one another and finished in one voice: ". . . is a life not worth living!"

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    About the Authors

    Craig Campbell is a long-time follower of Avandra. Four years ago, he left the frigid North and blazed a personal trail into the South, establishing a shrine to Avandra in Marietta, Georgia. He encourages all travelers to worship Avandra in the beaming light and suffocating heat of the Georgia sun, which is different from Pelor’s sun.

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