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Rangers of CernallD&D Insider Article
Nerathi Legends
By Richard Baker

A land torn by war, the March of Cernall lies on the front line of the Vailin Alliance. Soldiers of the Empire of Karkoth occupy nearly half of Cernall’s territory, and Karkothi marauders routinely ravage the area. In spite of these grievous reverses in the war against the dark empire, Cernall is not yet defeated. South of the River Wildbyrne, most of Cernall’s people remain free and unconquered, sheltered by the rugged terrain of the Gianthelm Mountains. On the north side of the river, some of Cernall’s bravest heroes resist the wicked invaders. These legendary Rangers of the Silver Hart are perhaps the finest hunters of beasts, monsters, and foes in the world.

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