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The Meanest of MonstersD&D Insider Article
Dragon Anniversary
By Craig Kraus (foreword by Bruce Cordell)

When something in a Dungeons & Dragons game strikes me as funny, ridiculous, or is otherwise appropriate, I’ve been known to quip in a serious tone, “Consult Limb Loss Subtable.”

Often as not, I get only a sort of half-laugh or a blank stare for my trouble. Don’t those people realize I’m reaching back into the rich heritage all D&D players share when I blurt out this gem?

Maybe so, but probably not; the truth is, I’m referencing a section of an obscure article that appeared in Dragon magazine when I was in high school. Whether anyone gets my reference or not, I never fail to smile at my own razor wit.

Dungeon Masters come in many colors, sizes, shapes, and alignments. Two sorts of Dungeon Masters, the Killer Dungeon Master and the Sleep-Inducing Dungeon Master, are particularly nasty and are covered here....

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