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Secrets of the FeyD&D Insider Article
By Rodney Thompson

While many tales of the Feywild make it seem like a whimsical land of enchantment, anyone with any real experience knows that, as with the world of men, there is a dark side to the realm of the fey. Dark fey creatures, agents of the Unseelie, lurk in the shadows of forests and wait for passing prey. The most powerful of these creatures extend their reach beyond their own realm, reaching out to tempt and touch the minds of mortals.

Fey pact binders are a means by which these dark fey extend their grasp outside of the Feywild. Binders that form pacts with these powerful Unseelie wield shadow-tainted arcane magic, reflecting the dark, corrupted natures of the fey creatures they serve. Many binders have learned not just how to coax knowledge out of these dark fey creatures, but how to become one of them; the unwary fey pact binder is often corrupted by the same shadow that empowers his or her benefactor.

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