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Ah, Athas! I Remember You WellD&D Insider Article
by Bill Slavicsek

Time flies, especially when you're having fun. I've been having fun and making a living at it for more than twenty years. Sometimes it seems like only yesterday when I first walked into the halls of West End Games, or TSR, Inc., or Wizards of the Coast. It feels like only yesterday when Rich Baker and I were working on Dark Sun -- oh wait! It was just yesterday!

This month, I'll give you a recap of what happened at GenCon, including the numerous announcements I made concerning our 2010 plans for D&D. Then I want to talk about the new Wizards Community that went live last week, the upcoming PAX show, and I have a special sneak peek of two upcoming titles -- Underdark and Martial Power 2. Ready? Onward!

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