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A Motley Assortment of Magic ItemsD&D Insider Article
Bazaar of the Bizarre
by Kolja Raven Liquette

If Adventurer's Vault still didn't satisfy your need for more magic items, check out this month's Bazaar of the Bizarre. Each item in the article comes with enough interesting lore to give the DMs among you the ability to generate the seeds of adventure centered around any one of these items.

One magic item can merely be an adventurer's tool, just like any other. Using treasure this way might seem completely reasonable, particularly in campaigns where magic items are like currency. But doing this can also diminish the value of magic items to the game's narrative. The first step toward imbuing magic items with importance is to develop their history.

The extra creative work put into a magic item, whether by Dungeon Master or player, can forge a lasting legacy for an item. Doing so isn't the norm in the D&D game. Usually, magic items that have more power trump their predecessors. However, history and a unique story, perhaps even associated only with the PC owner, can make magic items more fun.

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