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Magic of OldD&D Insider Article
Bazaar of the Bizarre
By Matt Sernett

Magic infuses eladrin, and from a people so touched by its power come many legends of objects similarly imbued. These tales are told and retold, and with each telling the luster of life returns to people, places, and things long lost to the world. As years pass and transform into misty history, and history in turn slips into the fog of myth, the facts about such wondrous items become less clear. Yet with a race who can see so much of history pass them by and among whom memories can linger and be relived in trance, who knows when a thing thought to exist only in the minds of bards might leap into the light?

Mindartis stands among the greatest heroes of eladrin legend: slayer of Death Fang, draconic terror of Blacktorn Forest; savior of Astaraython, the City Lost in Time; claimant to the Silver Throne of Sendaria who forsook the crown for love; wielder of Epscillian, the sword that sings when wielded by honorable hands; conqueror of Hag-Ungotha, the vile kingdom of fomorians now nothing but a ghosthaunted ruin.

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    About the Author

    Matt Sernett is a writer and game designer for Wizards of the Coast who has worked on both the Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering games. Recent credits include Monster Vault, Neverwinter Campaign Guide, Hero Builder’s Handbook, and Scars of Mirrodin for Magic: the Gathering. When he’s not making monsters or building worlds, he’s watching bad fantasy movies you don’t realize exist and shouldn’t bother to learn about.

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