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Mindless Monstrosities
by Greg Bilsland

Need more dungeon guardians? How about tirelessly hungry, relentless predators? If your answer is yes—and why wouldn’t it be?—this is the Bestiary for you. Featuring three new golems and three new oozes, "Mindless Monstrosities" will provide your next adventure with some fresh spin on these classic categories of dungeon denizens.

Golems and oozes are among the most feared dungeon denizens because of their tireless pursuit of prey. Golems, with their resilient bodies and mindless obedience, make excellent guardians. Long after their masters have passed into the Shadowfell, golems remain devoted to their charge. Abandoned keeps and ancient tombs are rife with such sentinels, and woe to the adventurer who isn’t prepared to face one of these tireless constructs.

About the Author

Greg Bilsland is a game editor and contract writer at Wizards of the Coast. His writing credits include the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide and several D&D Insider articles. When he’s not working, he spends much of his free time writing speculative fiction in one of Seattle’s many coffee shops.

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