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Dangers of the DemonwebD&D Insider Article
by Logan Bonner

The Demonweb is home to a host of deadly, toxic creatures, many of which show up in the newest set of D&D Miniatures. Check out the RPG translation of some of the set's newest threats in the latest Bestiary article.

The Demonweb set for the D&D Miniatures Game contains some creatures that haven't appeared in any 4th Edition products -- until now. Some of them are new, and others appeared in products published late in the run of edition 3.5 (such as Monster Manual IV and Drow of the Underdark). This article shows off the Underdark denizens of the set, including new drow, draegloths, and some of the traps and hazards you might find when traversing the twisting tunnels and caverns under the earth.

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    About the Author

    Logan Bonner traded the Great Plains of Kansas for Seattle when he landed a job at Wizards of the Coast. As a mechanical designer, he has worked on Dungeon Tiles, D&D Miniatures, Forgotten Realms Player's Gude, and Adventurer's Vault.

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