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Winter's Knights: Paladins of the Raven Queen
By Arthur Wright

The Raven Queen lives in shadow, weaving it and reaching forth with winter’s frigid claws to take all mortals into the beyond. Her knights do the same, wielding similar powers against their enemies to ensure that the cycles of death and destiny continue. If you serve the Raven Queen, here you’ll find the secrets of her paladins: 17 powers, two feats, and a new magic item. Wield them well.

Each of the Raven Queen’s followers embraces death; the demise of all living creatures is a natural progression of life. Those initiated into the Raven Queen’s service find ways to utilize the powers of cold and death while serving their deific mistress. Holy warriors sworn to fate employ their deity-granted might to throw down cults of Orcus and bring death to those who avoid their properly appointed end.

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    About the Author

    Arthur Wright is father of three living in upstate New York. A long time gamer and D&D player, he has played every incarnation of the D&D game. When he’s not playing games or spending time with his family, Arthur is pursuing his dreams of having a work related to the D&D game published, having a D&D book with “Arthur Wright” in the credits, and someday appearing on the show Survivor. (Love that reality television.) One down, two to go.

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