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Class Acts: DruidD&D Insider Article
By Aidyn Newman

The druid is, by its very nature, an incredibly versatile class. The ability to not only cast spells, but also fight in beast form allows druids to take on many different roles in a party. In addition to this, they can also become many different kinds of animals, with distinct combat styles of their own. A boar might rush headfirst into battle, whereas a hunting cat might wait stealthily for the perfect moment to strike before revealing herself. This is where the druid’s true versatility comes into play ... enhanced by the new feats and evocations in this article.

A panther prowls the jungle, crouched low to the ground and ready to pounce at a moment’s notice. Lying in ambush, latched to the ceiling of a warm, dank dungeon, a giant spider awaits its next victim. Roaring in glorious defiance, a proud lion bolsters the resolve of its pack, its enemies trembling in fear. The druid is all of these things and more -– the very essence of the wild in complete harmony.

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    About the Author

    Aidyn Newman contends that he has spent more time creating roleplaying settings, systems, and supplements than he has studying for any class, and it probably shows. Somehow, despite this fact, he has managed to graduate from college and now attends Albany Law School in New York … where he continues to create roleplaying settings, systems, and supplements.

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