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Unfriendly Fire
By Daniel Jones

Only the foolish think fire is tamed. Beneath the illusion of control lies an element most mortals fear instinctively. They say (and justifiably so) that pursuing fire is madness. Yet it has pursuers enough--courtiers even--who seek to claim its strength or bend its power to their desires. Their motives are sometimes simple, but no two are alike. This article explores their motivations, their foibles, and some of their unique abilities.

Little can match the awesome potency of flame. It might devour the careless, but the careful can unleash its insatiable hunger against whatever they desire. With sufficient skill and daring, they might transform its wildness into a weapon. If they lack such skill, they had best avoid the attempt. Fire brooks no half-measures. When a wizard pursues pyromancy, only two outcomes remain: mastery or death.

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    About the Author

    This is Daniel Jones’s third article for Dragon Magazine. Now he has a loving and beautiful wife, they’re expecting their first child, and he’s written for the Dungeons & Dragons game. Dreams do come true.

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